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      1. hint of lime was an unexpected purchase @Jeff !! wrote the song months ago lol
      2. How is "hint of lime" not used as a rhyme scheme here
      3. YES
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      1. @Jeff I exist I swear
      2. Haha @Josh me too!
      3. Yeah! Just in luck he made one @Jeff ! His name is @Dakota .
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      1. Lots of use of hint of lime chips on Adforprize
      2. Best use of music on this app to date. period.
      3. When I chip u chip we chip
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        1. Lol @Josh
        2. Lmao cute
        3. My dance moves 😂 lol
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          1. hey! email me?
          2. What happened to the guy in the back?
          3. @Jeff, thank you very much!
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          1. @Jeff O/
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